Monday, March 23, 2015

What's in the honeypot? Banner Information Gathering System by

I have been watching for a while the IP Address of which would appear in the logs almost everyday as shown in the picture below:

Noticing the URL or what appears to be a URL in the banner.  I wanted to know more about this scan or these scan occurrences.  First I googled and then I visited the site and this is what you see upon visiting "":

I find this project intriguing that they are collecting the banners and then monitoring them as they change.  This would provide information of patches that are deployed to webservers, up-time, and change amongst the web servers.  I thought I would go a little further and try and find if they release this information on their website at

From the links provided at this site I could not find this information but I did find the following links to be of interest:

Emerging Cyber Threats Report 2015 

2014 Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit

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