BSides 2016 Hackers Challenge

At BSides 2016 I participated in their Hackers Challenge.  The challenges were based on reverse engineering, network packet analysis, and many other puzzles that you needed to figure out.  When I had hit the wall at 3AM in the morning on March 11th I was in 2nd place.  By the end of the competition which was at 10AM I had dropped to 7th.  The challenge was great! Thanks BSides...

Check-out the django.nV project.  This is a project that was used in the Hackers Challenge but was adapted from its original state.

Screenshot of being in 2nd place at 3AM.

Screenshot of being in 7th place at the end of the competition.

One thing to note is most of the challenges were worth 4,000 points in the beginning.  If you did the challenge and no-one else you kept the 4,000 points.  For each participant that accomplished the challenge you had to divide the points with them.


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