Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Searching Log Files for a List of IP Addresses

Tried to create a script that would be a little more efficient than greping one IP Address at a time from a long list provided:


# Tried to make searching through logs more efficient with this script by batching the grep statements
while read line
        # Only issue is the last 1 to 14 records will not be looked at due to the hard cutoff at 15
        if [ $arrayIPSize == 15 ]; then

                cat logfile.txt | grep -e ${arrayIPAddr[0]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[1]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[2]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[3]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[4]}  -e ${arrayIPAddr[5]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[6]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[7]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[8]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[9]}  -e ${arrayIPAddr[10]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[11]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[12]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[13]} -e ${arrayIPAddr[14]}


done < "ipList.txt"

As far as results, with this I was able to cut the amount of time it took down to 5 seconds to search the log.  Thought this would be a helpful script to hold onto for future reference.

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