Monday, April 28, 2014

US Cyber Challenge Scoreboard Analysis

Prior to the competition closing on April 31, 2014 for the latest US Cyber Challenge located at I thought I would do a quick analysis on the users of those who appear on the scoreboards.

Looking at the number of times the same user appears:

7 jt
6 baldwintm
6 thepcnerd
5 devnull
5 jgbrigden
5 jimkoz23
5 jmoore
5 linuz
5 ltomczak
5 mkaplan
5 sonken
5 webdevgirl
5 wiredaemon
Only displaying the top 13 with 5 or more appearances on the scoreboards.

Another way to look at the numbers is below.  The number of appearances of the users that have appeared 7 times, 6 times, etc.

Number of Users Total Appearances
1 7 times
2 6 times
10 5 times
15 4 times
25 3 times
100 2 times
909 1 time

I am a fan of the US Cyber Challenges and congratulate those who support it, fund it, and promote it.  Keep the challenges coming.

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