Sunday, August 17, 2014

Awards Assembly and Closing Comments from USCC Cyber Camp at SJSU

The below items are what I remember from those who spoke to us at the awards assembly at the USCC Cyber Camp at SJSU in 2014.

Jennifer Lesser is the Director of Security Operations at Facebook and the below comments are what I remember from her talking to us:

To change the game in security you need to have empathy.

She quoted Bill Gates in the following “optimism can fuel innovation and lead to new tools to eliminate suffering,” Gates said. “But if you never really see the people who are suffering, your optimism can’t help them. You will never change their world. … If our optimism doesn’t address the problems that affect so many of our fellow human beings, then our optimism needs more empathy.”

Find the culture [that you want to work in] and then Find the company that will meet your culture.

Their is a lack of encouragement in the information security field.

Often times people say, I won't be good at it.  Did you know that I have not touched a line of code since some of you were born.

Understand that you impact people everyday.

The best thing that can come about because of the security industry is the collaboration.

Admiral Patrick M. Walsh joined iSight Partners as a General Manager of Threatspace.

Take time to discuss risk and probability

Predict events on intelligence that you gather from your systems and the community.  Somebody's problem yesterday could be your problem today.

Learn how to communicate at or to the C-level, they want and need to know.

Look at history, for example, the Battle of Midway.  What were the tactics used for victory?

Read the "Net Diligence Report"

Top 3 risks that face companies: 1. Stolen Laptops, 2. Hackers, 3. Rogue Emplyees

Read the "Alt Report"

Montana Williams works as the Chief for the Cybersecurity Education & Awareness Branch at US Department of Homeland Security

Understand that we are at war in the cyber security field.

The cost of cyber incidents will exceed 381 billion dollars this year.

You can go pro in the cyber security sport.  Did you know that the average professional athlete in Basketball, Football, or Baseball lasts 3 years making roughly $300,000.  In the sport of cyber security their are over 300,000 positions currently open in the United States and they are paying very well and you will exceed that of an average pro athlete.

The cyber security environment has no boundaries.  It touches land, water, space, underground, science, and everywhere.

We need to evaluate our tactics as we did in the 1950's and 1960's and become smarter.  Did you know in 1966 we as a nation had a 1:1 kill ratio? We now have a 10:1 kill ratio.

We need to understand and study the tactics of our advesaries.

Be a lifelong learner

You are on the front line of the battle

There are officially documented 32 functional roles in cyber security

Josh Chin 

Stated that we heard from someone else and believes it is true that "Students change the future."


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