Monday, February 16, 2015

Netflix Streaming Blocked by Sophos UTM

*** This solution no longer works with updates that Sophos has applied or changes that Netflix has made!

I was helping a friend with a Sophos UTM and found that netflix would not stream on their mobile devices.  We went into the settings and through studying the weblog and how netflix URL's are put togehter and created the following regex to add an exception so the AV would not scan the URL:


Below is a screenshot of the exception that was created:

Now as long as the bot masters do not create a bot that uses that regex to exfil data it will work great!!  Oh by-the-way the Sophos UTM is free for home use.  It is a nice Unified Threat Management (UTM) for home use and is a lot better than a router you can buy out of the store.


  1. Many Thanks, this was so simple.

  2. JFYI The ampersand no longer works:


    should work instead.

  3. Anyone having an issue with Netflix here is an easy fix for any country go to web protection and select filtering options click on new exception list type netflix as the name. In comment type netflix work around check everybox except accessed page and Blocked pages.

    Under for all requests choose MATCHING THESE URLS then type or copy and paste from here these URLS click on the PLUS (+) sign then input url below remember to click apply after

    then input this
    ^https?://.*/\?o=.*v=[0-9].?e=[0-9]{10}.?t=.*$ ( remember to click apply)
    then save. You are done here.

    Then go to Web filtering - click on policies - then click on default content filter action
    -a page will pop up click on websites then click the plus (+) sing besides allow these websites pause here. open up netflix in your browser to the default netfix page do not sign in copy the url from there then add it to the allowed sites remember to click apply.
    in my case my url is If you are from Canada this url will work, if not the url from your country will work

  4. Thank you Anonymous, finally a script that works! been looking through the sophos KB's for hours!

  5. This is still a viable solution as I put in the ^https?://.*/\?o=.*v=[0-9].?e=[0-9]{10}.?t=.*$ along with ^https?://([A-Za-z0-9]*\.)?netflix\.com\.?/ and while it failed about 1 minute in to reconnect, I closed it out and fired Netflix up again and it seems to be working well. My main problem was that my wife's laptop was working just fine but no mobile device or game console would connect. Thanks for all the help.

  6. Thx bruce, youtr URLs fixed my neflix issues on my ipad.
    Works like a charm.


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